Personalized Plates

appalachiantrail_PersApply and Choose Your Message Online

In Tennessee, license plates can be personalized with your own unique message. For the regular Tennessee plate, you can have up to seven (7) characters in either any alpha/numero combination. The number of characters varies on Specialty License Plates, check the plate descriptions for details.

The online application, available at, allows residents to select from more than 100 types of Tennessee license plates that are available to personalize. After selecting their plate design, customers then type in their desired configuration on their plate. They will know immediately if the configuration is available, based on a red or green box that will appear around the plate.

Customers can pay the $35 personalized plate application fee online, and later pick up their plate at their local county clerk’s office. Additional fees will apply at the county clerk’s office when a customer picks up the plate. Specialty plates also require an additional $35 fee.