Tennessee Specialty License Plates can now be given as gifts through the Gift-A-Tag program by directly by going to

Tennesseans can give relatives and friends a GIFT-A-TAG for a Specialty License Plate, the personalization of a Tennessee License Plate, or for renewing a Specialty License Plate. Each GIFT-A-TAGis $35 and people can buy as many as they want. 

How To Buy Gift-A-Tag:

  • Go to and click on the purchase button
  • Select the number of vouchers needed, and complete the credit card and email information
  • Check your email for your GIFT-A-TAG vouchers
  • You can then EMAIL your GIFT-A-TAG vouchers to your family and friends or PRINT for a hard copy
  • The lucky recipients of your GIFT-A-TAG voucher should then check out the available Specialty Plates online (, or complete the online application to personalize a license plate
  • The last step is for the recipients to go to their local County Clerk’s office to redeem the voucher and select their specialty license plate
  • For personalized plates, the County Clerk will contact them when the plate is ready to be picked up
  • GIFT-A-TAG can also be used to renew Specialty License Plates or personalized plates
  • For more information about Tennessee Specialty Plates, visit