Give a gift that lasts all year long

Tennessee Specialty License Plates—which support over 100 different organizations and charities—are now available as gifts at

Each GIFT-A-TAG is good for the purchase of a Specialty License Plate, the renewal of a Specialty License Plate or the personalization of any license plate. GIFT-A-TAG vouchers are $35 and you can buy as many as you want for your family and friends.

You can also use your Gift-A-Tag to renew your own Specialty License Plate or the personalization of your license plate. Just redeem the voucher online or mail in with your check.

It’s easy to order:

  • Go to
  • Click on the purchase button below and select the number of vouchers needed
  • Complete the credit card information and check your email for your GIFT-A-TAG Vouchers
  • You can then EMAIL your GIFT-A-TAG Vouchers to your recipients or PRINT for a hard copy
  • The lucky receiver of your gift should then check out the available Specialty License Plates ONLINE or complete the application to personalize a license plate
  • The last step is for the recipients to go to their local County Clerk’s office to redeem the voucher and pick up their own specialty license plate
  • For Personalized Plates, the County Clerk will contact them when the plate is ready
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