Can I get a disabled specialty plate?
No, however, a disabled driver decal is available through the local county clerk’s office. Disabled persons who currently own or elect to purchase new specialty earmarked plates may obtain a “Disabled Driver Decal” and take advantage of disabled parking privileges by certification of a permanent disability by a licensed physician or Christian Science Practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal. There is no fee associated for this decal.

What do the stacked characters on the license plate mean?
The stacked characters on the license plate are assigned by the Tennessee Department of Revenue and are for office use only for the purpose of unique identification.

How many characters can be on a personalized license plate?
For a regular Tennessee license plate, the character maximum is 7 including spaces. For Specialty License Plate, the number of characters varies. See specific plates for information.

What about renewal of my specialty plates?
Renewing a personalized plate or a Specialty License Plate can be completed at your local county clerk’s office, by mail or the county’s online plate renewal service.  At renewal time the entire amount of the registration plus specialty/personalized fees can be paid.

Will I have to pay additional registration fees when I pick up my plate?
County clerks charge an additional $1 fee for the issuance of a specialty plate.  This makes the fee $36 for specialty plates and $71 for personalized specialty plates, plus the standard state registration fee and any wheel taxes imposed by local governments. Your tag renewal fees will also be due at the time that you pick up your Specialty License Plate.

What does it mean to have my tag renewal prorated?
If you purchase and pick up your Specialty License Plate before your current tags are due to be renewed, your county clerk will credit the remaining amount left to your new renewal and  your tag renewal time going forward will be the month you got your new plate.

Can I transfer my specialty plates to another vehicle?
In Tennessee, the license plate “follows the owner” and not the vehicle. The plate may be transferred to a different vehicle for a small fee.

When the owner of a vehicle no longer meets the criteria for a specific plate, if the eligibility occurs prior to the expiration of the registration, i.e., if a holder of a firefighter plate ceases to be a firefighter, the owner should surrender the plate to their respective county clerk to in turn be issued a regular passenger plate. Otherwise, at time of renewal, if the criteria no longer applies, then a regular passenger plate will be issued.

What if I do not want my Specialty License Plate or personalized plate anymore?
When the holder of a specialty or personalized plate of any type no longer wishes to maintain the plate, at time of renewal, a different Specialty Licence Plate or a regular passenger plate may be issued. At that time, the county clerk may ask for the former plate to be surrendered.


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